Blood Skirmish is a very popular sport in the Imperium and the Animalium, at least every 4 years, a Blood Skirmish tournament between Imperium and Animalium Space Marine Chapters occur, and is the only sign of peace in the Galaxy, apart from that, in the Grim-darkness of the far future, there is only war. Trillions of viewers from across the galaxy watch it on Television, and the smallest stadiums hold up to 250,000 people, the largest 4,000,000.

The sport was invented in the year 39988 by an Ork called Jim and an Eldar named Bob(who is also a massive fan of the 20th century band KISS), as a cross between Jim and Bob's previous brutal sport Blood Bowl, and the Metamorian sport of Skirmish. The difference between Blood Bowl and Blood Skirmish is that in Blood Skirmish, the Ball is a special shape that can be kicked across the field like a Skirmish Ball, or Carried like a Blood Bowl ball. Overall, the shape of it resembles a Blood Bowl Ball, except one that can be kick-passed. Blood Skirmish teams also include Orks, Eldar and Skaven. Who also want a year of peace in the Galaxy, the following year, starting on New Year's Day, war occurs and the Galaxy is once again at war.

Note: This sport is based on the Fictional Sport of Skirmish from Metamor Keep, which can be read here. and the Fictional Sport of Blood Bowl from Games Workshop's Blood Bowl.