The Battle of Tel 7 was an incident involving the Recombinant Exterminatus, and the city Velta on Tel 7. Basically, 200 Space Marines, 1 Valkyrie and 2 Tanks invaded Tel 7, and managed to destroy Tel 7's Animalium defenses, which was 2000 AA Guns and 350 Stolen Land Raiders. The Stormtalon managed, using Rockets and Missiles, to single handedly kill 3,000,000 recombinants, the Tanks killed a further 3 Million, and the Space Marines went on a murderous rampage and killed the rest with help from the Tanks and the Stormtalon.

This incident rewarded the Recombinant Exterminatus with 2 extra tanks and an extra Stormtalon, stolen from the Tel 7 Military Headquarters. However, the Recombinants are planning an invasion force to take back Tel 7.