Llawder is the Chaos equivalent of Redwall, it is headed by Slagar, a worshipper of Slaanesh, the God of Hedonism, here, Billions of Daemons are born as well as Hundreds of Millions of Daemon Engines. Recently, 700 Million Space Marines and 300 Million Technomancers recently arrived in Llawder, a group of World Eaters, so they enter Slagar's employment and, with help from the Daemons, create half Tank, half Daemon Engine vehicles, Millions of them.

Slagar also promised the newly moved in residents a peaceful hedonistic lifestyle, this caused anger in the Animalium, who also wanted the same lifestyle but were scared of the Chaos God. The Forsworn also desire this Lifestyle, henceforth a three way war on Llawder is extremely likely.