The Planet Metamor is a key Forge World of the Imperium of Man, located in Anthrus, however, there is a difference, most of the people that live on this planet are Recombinants, or transformed humans into animals. The planet is known for it's Tank, Valkyrie, Titan, Armor and Gun Production. And is headed by an Alaskan Malamute Space Marine called Grinan Ken. Other residents of this planet includes the Head of the local Adeptus Mechanicus sect, a Grayfox called Kendo Virmir, who is also a Technomancer, Valkyrie Pilot Vale Restault, who is a dhole, and Battle Scarred Wolf Space Marine Scarface One. Who has experienced thousands of battles in his lifetime. And considers himself to be a ''literal space wolf''.

Yearly Tank Production: 160,000,000,000

Yearly Valkyrie Production: 90,000,000,000

Yearly Titan Production: 30,000,000

Yearly Gun Production: 16,000,000,000,000

Yearly Armour Production: 200,000,000,000

Population: 25,000,000,000