The New Battle of Seelow was a War that happened on the planet Seelow between Llawder Forces and the forces of Redwall, it was the first massive argument between Slagar and Matthias Lockstorm. And resulted in a massive battle in the capital of Seelow, New Berlin. After a series of surprise ambushes and serious Firepower, the Animalium won a strategic victory.

Belligerents The Animalium, Chaos Forces
Commanders Matthias Lockstorm, Slagar
Military Power Animalium: 60,000,000 Tanks, 30,000,000 Valkyries 15,000,000 Space Marines and 35,000 Titans

Chaos: 25,000,000 Daemon Engines, 430,000,000 Daemons, 12,000,000 Space Marines and 4,000,000 Tank/Daemon Engine Hybrids.

Casualties Animalium: 25,000,000 Soldiers and 125,000 Valkyries along with 2,000,000 Tanks, 125 Titans

Chaos: 230,000,000 daemons, 5,000,000 Space Marines and all of the Daemon Engines and Tank/Daemon Engine hybrids.

Civillians: 4,000,000 in New Berlin, 2,000,000 outside of New Berlin

Result Strategic Victory by Matthias Lockstorm and the Animalium, Llawder forces kicked out