The Recombinant Exterminatus is one of the Hidden Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. Even though the original Recombinants were allied with the Imperium of Man, after realising what they were and thinking about what they might be up to. The Imperium were quick to call the Recombinants Heretics and Mutants, therefore starting a war with the Recombinants, the Recombinant Exterminatus is a very special Chapter, consisting of 1000 Space Marines, and they have only one order, to Exterminate all Recombinants and Skaven. They will stop at nothing to kill all the Recombinants and Skaven, despite only having 1000 Space Marines, 5 Tanks, 10 Bikes and 2 Stormtalons. Their colours are mainly White and Ultramarine Blue.

Despite their name, Conventional Exterminatus is not what they do, instead they use Tactics involving Stormtalons, Tanks and Tactical Squadrons.

There is a rumour that in the space of a day, they destroyed an entire city of 15,000,000 Recombinants. This can be documented in the Battle of Tel 7.

The Recombinant Exterminatus also often argue with the Eagle Warriors, as they deliberately copied their Chapter Badge and also their Colours, as a result, several wars between the Recombinant Exterminatus and the Eagle Warriors have taken place. As a result, both have occasionally been accused of being Heretics by the Imperium of Man.

Eagle Warriors

An Eagle Warriors or Recombinant Exterminatus Space Marine.

Eagle warriors badge

The Eagle Warriors badge, also ripped off by the Recombinant Exterminatus.

Note: This will also be an official competition team, however, larger than Slagar's Gang and costing £124 to form, plus additional costs for paints and Bostik Glue. Featuring Space Marines and 2 Land Raiders, as well as a Valkyrie.