The Planet Redwall was named after an Abbey on Terra that was allegedly inhabited by Recombinants that battled against Recombinants with similar names to the Anthrus battles. Redwall is known for, despite it's production of Billions of Soldiers, Billions of Tanks, Billions of Valkyries and Millions of Titans, to not have a proper delivery system as the Animalium have not expanded that much yet. Therefore, vehicles litter the underground of Redwall, Redwall is headed by a mouse called Matthias Lockstorm, a former Space Marine who defected to the Animalium. Slagar also originated from Redwall as a Valkyrie pilot, he has now defected to the Daemon spawn planet of Llawder, which is Redwall in reverse.

Redwall has caused many problems with the Planet of Metamor, the Planet of Metamor being much more well managed than Redwall itself, and Scarface One and Matthias frequently argue with each other, so does Vitchard Vox who is allied with Slagar and his Daemon Hellspawn of Slaaneesh.

Overall, Redwall is a gradually expanding planet, with a gradually expanding faction to match.