Slagar, or ''Slagar the Cruel'' as he is also known, was a Fox who used to be a Slave Trader who also performed. Recently he had a deal with Slaanesh for his own Daemon Spawn Planet, Llawder. And has recruited Hundreds of Millions of Space Marines and Tech Priests to help. So Slagar has actually a really powerful army. His most trustworthy servant is Vitchard Vox, who is a big rival of Matthias Lockstorm. Slagar is also considering constructing another one of the ''new'' dyson sphere indoor planets, this time called New Llawder, so that he can have a proper home for the Space Marines as well as the Tech Priests. New Llawder is said to be the pinnacle of Chaos Forces. And will be able to produce Hundreds of Billions of vehicles, as well as Billions of Soldiers.

Slagar is also massive rivals with the Forsworn, he once performed for them at a party but ended up drugging them and causing them to get really angry and pour acid on his face, causing him to be battle-scarred. This has caused Slagar to wear his famous Blue and Purple chequered mask. Which allows him to look like a Performer.