It is the year 40,000, in a section of the galaxy, Anthrus, lies two planets, Metamor and Redwall. These planets are unlike the other planets as they have had genetic experiments that have led to Humans being transformed into Animals called Recombinants, however, the Imperium of Man have a strong presence here, however, a breakaway secession force formed on Redwall, the Animalium, heavily opposes the Imperium of Man and have completely taken over Redwall, the Animalium, led by a Matthias, is the Recombinants answer to the Imperium of Man.

Metamor is a Forge Planet, with a Population of 25,000,000,000 and creates Billions of Tanks, Billions of Valkyries, Millions of Titans and Trillions of Guns every month, along with Countless Munitions. Redwall is extremely similar, with a population half that of Metamor at 12,500,000,000.

Meanwhile, on Redwall, a Fox Recombinant called Slagar decides to worship Slaaneesh, the god of Hedonism, and guess what he gets? He gets his own Daemon Hive Planet, Llawder, and Billions of advanced Animalistic Daemons come from this Planet, Metamor and Redwall and Llawder are locked in a seemingly endless three way war between the Imperium of Man, the Animalium and Slagar’s Llawder forces.

Metamor handles the Tanks, Aircraft, Titans and Guns  it manufactures really well, as Metamor has become an important arms shipping port for the Imperium of Man, Redwall, on the other hand have only just started Ship Building, so the world is littered with millions of tanks and aircraft underground.

Also present on Metamor is Technomancer Virmir, who is one of the heads of Metamor’s weapon development program, Vale Restault, a Valkyrie Pilot and Scarface, a battle-scarred Space Marine who also is involved in Metamor’s weapon development program. All of them oppose Slagar, but want peace with the Animalium.

The Animalium’s main Technology Branch is the Animalis Mechanicus, made of Hundreds of Millions of former Recombinant Adeptus Mechanicus workers. The Cult Mechanicus has a massive rivalry with the Animalis Mechanicus and the Animalium’s ever expanding presence, which could even oust the Imperium of Man.

Metamor’s main export is the Billions of Tanks, Valkyries, Millions of Titans and Trillions of guns it produces, shipped to the Imperium of Man for war. As for the Animalium, they have only just begun Exporting and have Hundreds of Millions of stock underneath the planet. Which of course has only just been discovered and needs to be exported.